Auditing & Assurance Services
Auditing services involve an inquiry of financial statements and giving our opinion, as independent certified public accountants, on the fairness of the presentation for the statement of the financial position and results of operations. We use a constructive approach in auditing. Our audit procedures familiarize us with a business's financial and administrative operations. An audit is the highest level of attestation. The goal is to obtain an “unqualified opinion,” in which the Chartered Accountant firm states that it believes the financial statements fairly represent the company’s financial position as of a specific date, and that the results of operations and cash flows for the preceding year conform to generally accepted accounting principles.
External audit services:
  • Statutory audit
  • Income tax audit
  • Transfer pricing study & reporting
  • Bank audit
  • Service tax audit
  • Other external audit assignments
Audit of Non-profit/ charitable organizations/ Superannuation Trusts maintained by Corporate for their employee / Gratuity Trusts maintained by Corporate for their employees/ Provident Fund Trusts maintained by Corporate for their employees.
Internal audit and internal controls:
  • Internal and management audit
  • System & Management audit
  • Concurrent and Income & Expenditure audit
  • TDS compliance review
  • Stock audit
  • Revenue audit
Other assurance services:
  • Internal control review
  • Due diligence
  • Preparation of various statutory registers required under Companies Act 2013
  • Certification work
We also provide Chartered Accountants Certificate, required for various purposes under the various statutes, like:
  • U/s 195 of Income Tax Act;
  • For valuation of Shares;
  • Foreign remittance
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