59. Determination of disputed question by the Commissioner.

(1)   If any question arises, otherwise than in a proceedings pending before a Court or before an authority under this Act, whether, for the purposes of this Act-

(a)  any person or association of persons, society, club, firm, company, corporation, undertaking or Government Department is a dealer; or

(b)   any particular thing done to any goods amounts to or results in the manufacture of goods within the meaning of that term; or

(c)   any transaction is a sale or purchase and, if so, the sale or purchase price, as the case may be, therefor; or

(d)    any particular dealer is required to obtain registration; or

(e)    any tax is payable in respect of any particular sale or purchase and, if so, the rate thereof, the person or the dealer concerned may, after depositing the fee specified in section 72, submit an application to the commissioner, along with such documents as may be prescribed.

(2)     The Commissioner shall, after giving the applicant an opportunity of being heard, decide as he deems fit the question so arising:
      Provided that, before giving such decision, the Commissioner may, in his discretion, ask an officer subordinate to him to make such inquiries as he considers necessary for the decision of the question.

(3)     No decision of the Commissioner under this section shall affect the validity or operation of any order passed earlier by any assessing authority, appellate authority, revising authority or the Tribunal.

(4)     No question which arises from an order already passed, in the case of applicant, by any authority under this Act or the Tribunal, shall be entertained for determination under this section.

(5)     Except as provided in sub-section (3), a decision given by the Commissioner under this section shall, subject to the provisions of sections 57 and 58, be final and shall be binding on all the assessing authorities and  appellate authorities.

(6)     A copy of the decision given under this section shall be sent to the applicant and to the assessing authority concerned.