Section 33. Self assessment

(1) Every registered dealer shall, by such dates and to such authority as may be prescribed, furnish annual return by way of self-assessment in the prescribed form, containing such particulars and accompanied by supporting documents, as may be prescribed.

(2) The amount of tax credit, exemptions and other claims by the dealer in the annual return for which no supporting tax invoice, declarations, certificates, or evidence required under this Act or the Central Act is furnished, shall be self-assessed by the dealer by disallowing such tax credits, exemptions and other claims and by levying the appropriate rate of tax as if the sales or purchases were taxable.

 (3) Where,-

(a) a dealer has furnished all the returns, revised returns, if any, and annual returns by the date prescribed therefor and paid the amount of tax due according to such returns, and 

(b) the Commissioner is satisfied that the returns or, as the case may be, revised returns and annual returns furnished by such dealer are correct and complete, and

(c) a notice for audit assessment under sub-section (2) of section 34 has not been served on such dealer within such period as may be prescribed, such dealer shall be deemed to have been assessed for that year: 

Provided that the Commissioner of his own motion within a period of three years from the end of the year in respect of which or part of which the tax is assessable, may call for and examine the record of such dealer who has been deemed to have been assessed and after serving notice and giving the dealer an opportunity of being heard, pass such order thereon in accordance with the provisions of section 34, as the Commissioner may thinks just and proper.”.