Section 30. Periodical payment of tax and interest on nonpayment of tax

(1)Tax shall be paid in the manner hereinafter provided, and at such intervals as may be prescribed.

(2) Every registered dealer furnishing return as required by subsection (1) of section 29 shall pay into a Government treasury, in the manner prescribed, the whole amount due from him according to such return and shall furnish along with the return a receipt showing full payment of such amount.

(3) If the revised return furnished by a registered dealer in accordance with sub-section (4) of section 29, shows a higher amount of tax due than shown in the return earlier furnished by him, he shall pay into a Government treasury the remaining amount of tax arising from the revised return alongwith interest on delayed payment of such remaining amount, and furnish alongwith the revised return a receipt showing such payment

(4) If a registered dealer does not pay the amount of tax payable in accordance with the provisions of sub-section (1), (2) or (3), the Commissioner shall forthwith initiate recovery proceedings under this Act

(5) Where a dealer does not pay the amount of tax within the time prescribed for its payment under this section, then there shall be paid by such dealer for the period commencing on the date of expiry of the aforesaid prescribed time and ending on date of payment of the amount of tax, simple interest at the rate of eighteen per cent, per annum, on the amount of tax not so paid or on any less amount thereof remaining unpaid during such period.

“(6) Where a dealer is liable to pay interest under sub-section (5) or under sub-section (7) of section 42 and he makes payment of an amount which is less than the aggregate of the amount of tax, penalty and interest, the amount so paid shall be first applied towards the amount of interest, thereafter the balance, if any, towards the amount of penalty and thereafter the balance, if any, towards the amount of tax.